Bichectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the Bichat balls or buccal fat in the cheek area. A relatively quick surgery that has grown in popularity in recent years results in a slimmer, more defined appearance that highlights the cheekbones.


A good candidate is anyone who has a round face, excess fat on the cheeks, or due to their genetic traits, can benefit from Bichectomy. It’s recommended to have this surgery before the age of 45 years old due to the quality and elasticity of the skin. An evaluation is necessary before moving forward with this procedure.


A Bichectomy is performed through small incisions on each cheek, inside the mouth, and the fat bags are removed. It does not leave visible scars, and the incisions are minimal; this procedure lasts approximately 1 hour.


Recovery from Bichectomy tends to be quick and painless. You will have initial swelling and a liquid-based diet for the first few days while you heal. You can return to work in 3 days, and a full recovery is expected in 1 week.


The results are immediate and permanent since this surgery does not need to be repeated.


The cost of a Bichectomy can vary depending on the needs of each patient but is typically $3,000.


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