Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation


Are you considering to have a breast augmentation surgery or a breast lift? Ideal Plastic Surgery is the place you are looking for to regain your confident. It’s time to show the best version of you! 

After pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and over the years, many women feel insecurities about their body, especially with the shape of their breasts. For this reason, at Ideal Plastic Surgery we offer a safe and lasting solution so that you can put aside your insecurities. 

Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is one of the most requested surgeries in our medical center. It is a procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts by increasing their size. At Ideal Plastic Surgery, we perform this surgery with the highest quality implants, such as SIENTRA implants, the only ones that offer a lifetime warranty. 

This surgery usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. It is important to have in mind that the size of the implants is defined at the preoperative appointment; Our professional surgeons guide our patients, so once the surgery is performed, we get a symmetric result according to patient’s body shape. 

Another of our most requested surgeries at Ideal Plastic Surgery is the breast lift, its purpose is to lift sagging breasts and reverse the changes caused by the passage of time, weight loss or breastfeeding, by giving the breast a more youthful and renewed appearance. In this procedure, excess skin is removed and the breast is given a new and more harmonious shape. 

Both surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and are outpatient procedures. You’ll immediately notice the changes in your breast appearance. What are you waiting for to schedule your valuation consultation? 

Contact us and take the first step to regain confident!

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