Frequent questions

In this procedure, the fat and skin excess are removed. If the abdominal muscles are separated due to pregnancy or age, they are joined together. The procedure cost is $10.000, including the operating room, anesthesia, surgeon fees, binder, and post-op follow-ups.

No, we do not do this procedure at the Clinic.

Breast augmentation with implants costs $7.000, including the operating room, anesthesia, surgeon fees, bra, and post-op follow-ups.

Yes, for breast augmentation we have both options, you should know that for fat transfer in the breasts a previous liposuction must be performed.

BBL is a lipo in the abdomen, sides, and back, where the fat collected is transferred to the buttock. This procedure costs $9.000, including the operating room, anesthesia, surgeon fees, binder, and post-op follow-ups.

For scheduling a consultation, call us at (916) 664 3391. The calls attention hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, and Saturdays, 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. The first consultation costs 50 USD, which applies to your surgery. This deposit will only be refunded if canceled 48 hrs before consultation, the patient is not a good candidate for surgery based on the opinion or at management’s discretion.


Booking for Botulinum Toxin 1st time, $50 credited to the treatment.

Ideal Plastic Surgery has a financing plan through Care Credit system. Go to or Financing your Surgery on our web page to check your options.

Our specialty at Ideal Plastic Surgery is cosmetic surgeries and skin care, including injectables and esthetic treatments.

Mommy Makeover is a procedure that combines two surgeries: tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation. Go to the Services section on our web page to know the prices depending on your necessity.

In Ideal Plastic Surgery, we accept cash, checks, credit cards, and financing through Care Credit system.

Abdomen lipo goes from the bra roll until the pubis area. In this procedure, extra fat is removed without incision. Lipo costs $5,500 including operating room, anesthesia, surgeon fees, binder and post op follow ups.

These are dermatological procedures that we do not do at the Clinic.

On the same day of surgery, patient is sent home and can go back to work between 6 and 10 days after procedure being careful of not doing any physical effort and following the Dr.’s instructions.

This depends on each patient condition. The waiting time estimate for surgery after first appointment is between 30 and 45 days.

No. For obtaining good results with BBL, a minimum of three weeks no siting on the buttocks is required what means having rest on the front of your body. On the contrary, the recommendation for Tummy Tuck is to rest on the back of the body reason why is not possible to do both procedures at the same time.

Find your way out of the parking lot; on your left side, you will find the Patient Pick Up sign. Park there and give a call to our service line to let us know you are there and to bring the patient to you.

Yes, most of our medical and administration team speak Spanish, including our Doctors.

Yes, you can come with one companion to your consultation.

Botulinum Toxin costs $685 per syringe containing 1 ml and Botulinum Toxin $240 per syringe containing 20 units.