Arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is the ideal procedure to get rid of excess skin and fat tissue from the arms. Its purpose is to improve the appearance of the arms so that they may look firmer.


Brachioplasty is a great option for those people who have lost too much weight, usually after a bariatric surgery or a very strict diet.


It is normal to have increased sensitivity and swelling in the arms, during the first days after brachioplasty. Such symptoms will eventually disappear over time. Patients may go back to their normal everyday routine after 2 weeks approximately, intense physical activity should be avoided during such period of time.


The patient may experience physical discomfort in that area during the first days. The early recovery period may last a week, but the swelling will decrease and the stitches will fall out naturally. Patients may go back to work after a week. It is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse during the first four or five weeks after surgery, as stitches may loosen up or fall out, thus causing pain and delaying the healing process.


The results of brachioplasty are long-lasting. Keeping a stable weight is ideal to help preserve the results obtained after the surgery. It is important to know that, in brachioplasty surgery, skin from the inside of the arm is removed, which is very delicate and weak skin. For this reason, the skin and the scar in this area tend to loosen up a bit over time, and the final result won’t be visible before six months.


The cost of brachioplasty is usually $8,000, but it may vary according to each patient’s individual needs.


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