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Two years of ideal results

At Ideal Plastic Surgery we are proud to celebrate two years performing plastic surgery with ideal results. We are the #1 plastic surgery medical center in Northern California and we work to ensure reliable, professional and high quality service to our patients. 

On July 2020, Ideal Plastic Surgery opened its doors. Since then, our commitment has been clear: to be a medical center specialized in plastic surgery with the highest quality, thanks to the technological advances we have in the clinic and the team of plastic surgeons who are part of our team. 

Therefore, this year we celebrate all the achievements that have been part of these two years of growth. An example of this are the awards and certifications obtained for the quality of care and professionalism of our team, which has 40 years of combined experience in the area of plastic surgery. 

Our medical team is made up of 4 plastic surgeons: Dr. Pirko Maguiña, Dr. Amie Miller, Dr. Deb Johnson, Dr. Luke Boone. In addition, Ideal Plastic Surgery has a team of about 50 people trained and committed to the welfare of patients and the quality of the experience of each user.  

Likewise, we are proud to highlight that Ideal Plastic Surgery is committed to be the number 1 medical center specialized in plastic surgery in California, this is our main goal, the one that we will achieve thanks to the work and commitment of an entire team. Among our most important achievements during these two years are the following: 

– Trained our administrative staff and medical team, currently 70% of the team members are bilingual.

– Built a modern operating room area, which has certified operating rooms.

– We have attended more than 10,000 patients and practiced more than 3,000 plastic surgeries.

– Expanded our medical center to more than 21,000 feet.

– Built a state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment area.

Our second anniversary motivates us to continue working for more ideal results that meet all the needs of our patients. Thank you for being part of this journey!

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