Three reasons to have liposuction

The year 2023 is beginning, and the resolutions to fulfill are not long in coming. Among the most popular: is to look fabulous! At Ideal Plastic Surgery, we are experts in plastic surgery; we know the reach that a positive personal image can have, so we work 365 days a year on those procedures that will make you look your best version.

With this in mind, we have prepared three reasons to undergo liposuction for you. Three weighty arguments will make you fall in love with this ideal surgery.

  1. One of the favorite surgical procedures among patients because it requires only discreet incisions to be performed. Liposuction is an excellent alternative because of its shorter and less traumatic recovery time.
  1. Liposuction targets adipose tissue that is difficult to remove with traditional methods (diet and exercise). Extracting localized fat by cannula allows us to reach those areas that bother us so much and create a more defined and harmonious figure.
  1. Liposuction results are permanent as long as the patient maintains his or her weight. The fat extracted from these difficult areas does not regenerate, which effectively guarantees the silhouette’s modeling.

Convincing results

These are just a few reasons liposuction is a favorite at our medical center, the #1 in Northern California. With less than 120 minutes in the operating room, this surgery gives the patient confidence and the assurance that they will return home in just a few hours.

At Ideal Plastic Surgery, we are specialists in liposuction surgery. We have a group of expert surgeons with more than 40 years of combined experience waiting for you to discover together your ideal version!

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