Plastic surgeries in spring

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Plastic surgeries in spring

Much is said about spring as the best season for plastic treatments and surgeries. Today we will tell you why this is so much talked about. Get your swimsuit and sunglasses ready now. 

Are summer bodies created in the spring? Yes, more than 60% of the plastic surgeries performed during the year are done in this season. 

It is a reality that we have proven over the years. Spring is one of the best times to undergo surgical procedures and this is due to its many advantages.

 The time has come to clear up doubts and discover the truth!

Recovery Time 

Having surgery in the spring can provide enough recovery time for patients to be ready and confident to show off a better figure in the summer. This can be especially important for procedures such as body contouring surgery, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift, as they require several weeks or months to see full results. 

Just enough time to enjoy the summer season and outdoor activities! 

Pleasant Weather

The spring season offers more conducive and pleasant weather in many regions, which helps make the recovery process more comfortable for patients. Warmer temperatures can facilitate the healing process and reduce discomfort associated with surgery. 

Better mood

In the spring we have increased sunlight and “longer days,” which can have a positive impact on patients’ mood and emotional well-being. People feel more positive, which promotes a quicker and more satisfactory recovery after the procedure.

Top 5 of the most demanded treatments and surgeries 

At this time of the year, some surgeries are more popular than others. These are:

  1. Liposuction
  2. Breast augmentation or breast lift. 
  3. Tummy Tuck
  4. Filler or Botulinum Toxin
  5. Mommy Makeover

If you are considering surgery to look your best in the summer, spring is the best season; however, it is important to consult with a board-certified surgeon to evaluate and determine the optimal time for surgery based on your individual needs and goals. We look forward to guiding you before, during and after. 

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