Facial mini refresh 

Mini Refresh

Facial mini refresh 

The Facial Mini Refresh is an ideal procedure if you want to get a fresher and younger look without the need to undergo major surgery such as a Facelift. Therefore, the purpose of the Mini Refresh procedure is to firm the sagging skin of the upper part of the face, it does not encompass the entire face but focuses on rejuvenating the upper area of the face. 

This procedure is ideal for people who want to improve the appearance of their face and achieve natural results in a short time. The Mini Refresh is one of the facial surgeries performed very often at Ideal Plastic Surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia by a certified surgeon accompanied by a team of doctors. Who are responsible for providing a high level service with ideal results from the very start. 

The Mini Refresh is performed through a minimal incision over the hairline and extends around the earlobe behind the ears and scalp, slightly stretching the skin between the cheeks and eyebrows. The results are natural and patients who have undergone this surgery at Ideal Plastic Surgery have been completely satisfied.

The results of the Mini Refresh are very durable, although it does not stop the natural aging process, this surgery does significantly improve the appearance of the face. It is recommended for people who feel that the skin on the upper part of their face is saggy. has lost volume over time or have very prominent expression lines that commonly appear in this area.  

At Ideal Plastic Surgery we are specialists in facial surgery, your ideal surgery is in the hands of experts, what are you waiting for to look like you have always dreamed of? 

It is always a good time to show off a smooth, fresh and youthful skin.

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