Facelift and Mini Refresh, two Ideal options to give back time

Facelift and Mini Refresh, two Ideal options to give back time

Facial rejuvenation is one of our patient’s most frequent reasons for consultation. Different options are available, but in this opportunity, we want to talk about Facelift and Mini Refresh, two ideal options to turn back the clock. 


El Facelift o Facial Lifting is ideal for those looking for a radical change in the entire face. This procedure is more invasive than the Mini Refresh as all facial muscles are repositioned, and excess skin is removed.  Fat is often transferred from the patient to the areas that have lost the most volume to give a more youthful result. 

Facelift is an option for patients who wish to treat deep wrinkles, sagging jawline, and loss of facial volume.  

Mini Refresh

The Mini Rejuvenation is Ideal for those who wish to give a new look to their face with more subtle changes. It is performed through smaller incisions which makes it a less invasive procedure. The main objective of the Mini Refresh is to treat the earliest signs of aging, being a smart option due to the short recovery time and its more natural results. 

Procedures that suit your needs

It’s all about you! At Ideal Plastic Surgery, Sacramento’s #1 clinic, the most important thing is the ideal results based on your needs. If a facial rejuvenation is what you are looking for, both Facelift and Mini Refresh are excellent options, each with advantages and considerations.


Schedule your evaluation appointment and, with the advice of one of our expert doctors, find the ideal procedure for you.  

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