The #1 plastic surgery center in California.

The #1 plastic surgery center in California.

At Ideal Plastic Surgery we focus on offering our patients an ideal experience, that’s why we work with trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment, to meet our patients’ expectations.

Our Medical Center specializing in cosmetic surgeries, is a modern and avant-garde space. Evidence of this is that Ideal Plastic Surgery is the largest plastic surgery center in the area. In addition, our 21,000 feet building has certified operating rooms equipped with the technology needed to perform all types of face, breast, and body surgeries, as well as cosmetic and injectable procedures.

We are the number 1 plastic surgery center in California, more than 40 years of experience combined in plastic surgeries and around 5,000 patients seen per year, confirm it. At our certified Medical Center, we are ready to welcome you and offer you the highest quality experience from certified experts. 

We are proud to have the best qualified professional team, recognized by different organizations such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors. 

Therefore, the results inspire us to continue positioning Ideal Plastic Surgery as the best medical center specialized in cosmetic surgery in the region, having the latest medical technology and being at the forefront of new trends to get ideal results from reliable staff hands, with the most advanced supplies and equipment in the medical industry. 

Achieving ideal results is our commitment to our patients, that is why it is essential for us to provide them with an ideal accompaniment before, during and after each procedure. In addition, we have bilingual professionals ready to deliver the best experience for each of our patients. 

Ideal Plastic Surgery, ideal results.

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