Breast Implants VS Breast Fat Grafting

Aumento de senos con implantes de silicona

Breast Implants VS Breast Fat Grafting

Breast implants and breast fat grafting are different techniques used to increase the volume and better shape the breasts. Over time, both techniques have been used regularly. In reality, the choice of technique will depend on the results desired by the patient.

At Ideal Plastic Surgery we perform both procedures achieving great results; to decide which technique to use you must have a previous assessment with your surgeon and reach a consensus on the ideal procedure for you.

Ideal results

Ideal results are achieved with both techniques, here you must take into account the following information, which will help to project the result you want.

– The breast implant will give you more projection and will complement the shape of your breasts, making them look a little rounder.

Breast fat grafting gives volume to your breasts and achieves a more natural result.

Here you just have to define how you want to look!

Duration time

You may ask, how long do both techniques last? It is time to answer that question.

– Breast implants can last a lifetime, you must keep in mind that you have to perform periodic examinations to check that everything is fine.

– Breast fat grafting can last between 3 to 5 years more or less, here you must take something into account, as it is fat from your body if you lose weight the volume of your breasts will decrease, and if on the contrary you gain weight, your breasts will increase.

Breast Implants
Ideal resources

In order to perform breast surgery you must have several resources, which play an important role in determining which is the ideal technique for you.

– Breast implants are part of the resources that we will use, you must understand that it will be a new object that will reach your body and will adapt without complications.

– Fat grafting, our main resource with this technique is the fat to perform the graft, so you must take into account that you need enough fat tissue in your body to extract and achieve the ideal result; the great advantage here is that you can work 2 areas of your body.

Today the use of both techniques are very safe, and at Ideal Plastic Surgery we will take all the necessary care to make you feel satisfied with the technique you decide to choose to look and feel more ideal.

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