Brazilian Buttock Lift in Sacramento

Brazilian Buttock Lift in Sacramento

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is an ideal procedure that allows you to have larger and toned buttocks without the need for implants. At Ideal Plastic Surgery you will find the best plastic surgeons to perform this procedure. 

Ideal BBL is a surgical procedure that is performed to add volume to the buttocks and give them a firmer and lifted appearance. In this procedure, we use the body’s own fat to create a more sculpted and better proportioned physique. Therefore, it is considered a completely natural surgery since it does not require implants.

How do we do it?

At Ideal Plastic Surgery we perform procedures that are ideal for you to regain your confidence. Therefore, we explain how the BBL is done step by step, because it is very important to understand how they work to identify if you are a suitable person to perform the procedure. 

Therefore, we must clarify that the optimal results of an ideal BBL are achieved by taking into account 3 important points: 

  1. Identify how much volume you have in your buttocks and hips. 
  2. Identify the amount of fat available for grafting in the buttocks. 
  3. That you comply to the letter with all postoperative instructions. This point is very important for you to have ideal results. 

The procedure is divided into several stages. It starts with liposuction to remove fat cells from the abdomen, back, inner thighs or some other area of the body that needs less volume. During this stage of Ideal BBL, our surgeons carefully sculpt the body to create a slimming effect in the areas that need less fat. For our professionals at Ideal Plastic Surgery, creating symmetry is an important goal during this stage. 

Then, the adipose (fat) cells that are removed in the initial stage are processed using a special method that will help them survive the next stage of the procedure: fat cell transplantation to the buttocks. In this way an ideal BBL is achieved by the best professionals who will help you to have a body with the best proportions. 

The Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, is one of our most popular procedures. Thanks to the ideal results obtained by our patients, we have become the best option in Northern California for all types of plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. 

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